I DO ADVERTISING has more than 20 years of experience in the field of advertising - design, production and installation of indoor/outdoor signage, displays and POS items.
Thanks to our own production facilities, printing houses, team of specialists, their expertise and long-term built relationships, we can offer to our customers innovative products at competitive prices with flexible delivery terms. You can rely on perfect quality with all EU certificates.

In 2017, I DO ADVERTISING team together with our 3D designers started the long journey of creating the perfect product for exhibition and different events like promotions and conferences. We came up with this unique and innovative product the moment we started to think like the customers themselves. 

We needed lightweight, easily portable and beautifully illuminated display to meet the demands of our partners, who wanted to stand out above everyone else and to make an eye-catching, breathtaking impression to their customers. 

After a research on the international markets, we found out that the existing displays are:
- Illuminated, but extremely heavy and difficult to set up.
- Portable, but not illuminated, with lots of parts.
- Custom printed, but expensive and difficult to rebrand.

We are proud to present the world’s most efficient way to make your promotion stand, exhibition booth or product display INSTANTLY STAND OUT

Moreover, Flip Light’s range provides the ideal solution for different kind of applications, such as promotions (alcohol, beer or cigarettes brands at night clubs), exhibitions (DRUPA, FESPA, ISA SIGN EXPO), events, conferences, negotiations.

The modular system allows for it to be easily turned into various configurations. Flip Light products are internally illuminated, with changeable image.

A great choice for any exhibition, promotion, showroom or retail environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the personal initiatives of I DO ADVERTISING is “Donate through business partner“. It calls on companies from the corporate sector to be socially engaged in an easy way – by ordering their promotional materials from the agency, thus supporting the causes of the For Our Children Foundation. The innovative mechanism of corporate social responsibility allows the companies to give their input without allocating extra budgets but using already budgeted funds for print and advertising materials. This is possible thanks to I DO ADVERTISING, which will allocate 5% of the value of each new contract of a company which takes part in the initiative.